Unior racing team, with Martin Vugrinec, won 3rd place at the IDM international motorcycle championship

When the company Unior founded its own competitive team, the Unior Racing Team (URT), in 2019, it proved again that they are becoming a visible player in motor sport. By signing the contract with the Vugrinec Racing Team (VRT), they competed in this year's IDM (Internationale Deutsche Motorradmeisterschaft) championship final. The competition ran at the Hockenheim circuit in Germany, in which over 35 riders took part. By finishing in 3rd place in the SuperSport 600 category on the Yamaha YZFR-6 motorbike, the Unior Racing Team set an important new milestone in motorsport.

Despite the rainy weekend, the competition in Germany provided a ton of interesting incidents. In addition to several falls, the fight for first place was intense, and eventually went to Max Enderlein with 222 points, who thus became the only driver passing the magical 200-point mark. After two starts and seven laps, the excellent 3rd place finish went to Martin Vugrinec, member of the Unior Racing Team. Martin achieved an enviable and outstanding result, considering he started 10th in Sunday's race and secured an excellent 2nd place, and 11th place in the second race, which took place in severe weather conditions. His excellent performance in Sunday’s race brought him another 27 points, earning him a fantastic 3rd place in the overall championship standings in the SSP600 class, with a total of 175 points. Only Marc Buchner with 191 points, and the winner, Max Enderlein, with 222 points, ranked ahead of him.

The 2020 season of motorsport competitions is opening its doors!

The organisers in Germany are already scheduling new races for 2020, where they will introduce additional circuits which will not only be attractive for motorbike riders, but also strategically important for the growth of the competition itself. Unior Racing Team is also planning to continue its presence in motorsport in the coming year, which is strengthening and demonstrating its commitment to quality and efficiency, as well as superior hand tools.

Unior Racing Team’s appearances and successes are particularly increasing the recognisability and presence of Unior’s hand tools in the motorsport sector, while at the same time, this area represents an important opportunity for progress, learning, and improvements. Unior applies the knowledge and suggestions of mechanics when developing new products and improving existing products, benefiting both users in racing teams and other users of specialist hand tools.